2 talented Jersey girls called Destinee Rae and Paris Quinn. They rule my heart, and they'll rule the world. EDITS [BRUBS][NATXHYPY]
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Our fansite, Destinee & Paris Brasil, addressed as is no longer online. Our awesome (that’s a lie) host service,, deleted our site, without even let us know about it. The admin of the host, nicknamed as GertieBeth, denied to give me the site back or to at least give me a backup of the site. Sadly, I didn’t had a backup of the site, because my computer is really old and I didn’t had enough space to save it.

Destinee & Paris Brasil was the first Brazilian fansite about Destinee & Paris. Our site was online since May 10th, 2009 and it was deleted on September 1st, 2014. Exact 1940 days online, almost 6 years bringing to Brazilian fans the best of Destinee & Paris. That’s sad.

We lost everything. All the news & info (we had a lot of translated news and articles about Destinee & Paris), all the Trad (the system with lyrics and translation with all lyrics from girls’ song, since Clique & Clique Girlz) all the media (we had more than 1.000 graphics at our multimedia area), and the one that hurt me the most: the gallery (the one where we had more than 8.000 pictures! Only God know how much work I put on this gallery!)

When Gertieshit told me that she wouldn’t give my fansite back and I realized I lost everything, my heart broke. It broke because that site was my baby! That fansite was everything to me, the reason to keep going on internet. After I lost my site, I lost all my interest in keep running fansites on internet, because you never know when a bitch is going to take it away from you. (for those who follow me on Twitter, if you notice, I’m not that active as I used to be). It’s more than a month since my site was deleted, but I’m still feeling dissapointed.

I’m sorry for all the inconvenience, and I hope you guys understand. I’m sorry for take too long for release this note explaining about the fansite, but I spent all this time asking the host to give me my fansite back, but they denied it :(

I don’t know know if I’ll start a new fansite yet, but at the moment, I don’t have free time to do it. I’ve been so busy with university and traineeship, not even have free time to breath. Until now, I’ve decided that I’ll just keep running the Twitter & Facebook from my site - and if need, I’ll post on this Tumblr page (please, follow this Tumblr). So, If I decide something about the future of the fansite, I’ll let you guys know on Twitter and Facebook (more links can be found on the top of this page)

If you wonder that I’ll stop supporting Destinee & Paris, no, I’ll not. They’ll forever be my idols, and I’ll forever support them a lot. Actually, lately I’ve been missing a lot update my gallery with their new Instagram pictures. It’s awkward, because I never though I would miss it :(

If you want to find news about the girls, I suggest you to visit these awesome fansites: CliqueGirlzMedia, CliqueGirlzRussia and Clique Girlz300! You can also like the CliqueGirlzWorld page on Facebook to get news about them. Oh, and you can access a quick page that soon will be online, with all the links of D&PBR at (please, from now on, always refer my site using this link, not the old one)

At least, but not least, I would like to thanks to all the fans & visitors from my fansite. Thanks for supporting my work at the fansite thru this crazy almost 6 years! I had so many joys running the fansite, and trying my best to bring you news about the girls! Thanks to all D-Plys that helped me, joined my birthday projects, and joined the forum when I created it, thanks for everything! And also thanks to Destinee & Paris for support & visit my fansite! I’ll miss my fansite for my life long, I feel like I lost a part of me when it gone, but I know that while it was online, you all joined it. Thank you.

True love from Nathália (@NatxhypyReal)!

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